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Drugs(yes alcohol is a drug) will eventually drive you to seek God, due to despair, emptiness, and fear.





What The Bleep Do We Know!

This website is dedicated to self empowerment and
exercising the use of ones own brain.


The standard way to tame and domesticate the impossible complexity that surrounds us is to
invent a few "tooth-fairy" Gods, the more infantile the better, and to lay down a few childish rules:

Honour your father and your mother, etc.
The rules are simple and logical.

You passively obey.    
  You pray.
You sacrifice.  

 You work.

You believe.

Galileo got busted and Bruno got the Vatican microwave
for showing that the Sun did not circle the Earth.

Religious and political Chaos-phobes naturally want the nice,
tidy, comfy universe to cuddle around them.

Literacy—the use of letters to communicate—is the major barrier between classes, races, nations.
This new language will be iconic.
It will be communicated in digital patterns through fiber-optic lines
flashed on screens and virtual-reality eye-phone receivers.
Graphics is the key to the information world of the future.
Television passivity will be replaced by personal expression.
Just as everyone was expected to "read and write" in the factory society,
everyone will be expected to "receive and graphicize" in the future.

This appetite for digital data, more and faster, can now be recognized as a species need.
The brain needs electrons and active chemicals like the body needs oxygen.
Just as body nutritionists list our daily requirements for vitamins,
so will our brain-psyberneticians soon be listing our daily requirements
for various classes of digital information.

Computers will not replace real people.
They will replace middle- and low-level bureaucrats.
They will replace you only to the extent that you use artificial (rather than natural) intelligence in your life and work.
If you think like a bureaucrat, a functionary, a manager, an unquestioning member of a large
organization, or a chess player, beware: You may soon be out-thought!

The "good persons" in the cybernetic society are the intelligent ones who can think for themselves.
The "problem person" in the cybernetic society of the 21st Century is the one who automatically obeys,
who never questions authority, who acts to protect his/her official status,
who placates and politics rather than thinks independently.

It was fourty five years ago that more than four hundred thousand young Americans
spent three days and nights carousing spectacularly at the Woodstock rock festival.
It was simply the biggest and wildest and most influential party in all of history!
If not, please prove me wrong, so that we can learn how to improve.
For one weekend this farm field became the third largest city in New York state.
Almost half a million spoiled, affluent, educated young Americans crowded,
jammed, squashed into a small cow pasture in upstate New York.
There was minimum sanitation.
Minimum food(which was, of course, lovingly shared).
Wall-to-wall mud.
That's the down side.
On the up side these concert-goers experienced the greatest pagan, Dionysian rock 'n' roll musical event ever performed,
with plenty of joyous nudity, and wall-to-wall psychedelic sacraments.
And click on this: not one act of recorded violence!

Those young, bright baby-boom Americans, who had been dialing and tuning television screens since infancy,
and who had learned how to activate and turn on their brains using chaotic drugs in serious introspective experiments,
were uniquely prepared to engineer the interface between the computer and the cybernetic organ known as the human brain.

The War on Drugs made mellow marijuana prohibitively expensive.
The DEA made sure that the peaceable, visionary elixirs like 'shrooms, mescaline,
LSD, and MDMA became inaccessible.
So good-bye to turn on, tune in, drop out . .
and hello to the motto of the 1980s:
Hang on. Hang in. Hang over.

The 1980S have given us a sequel to McCarthyism.
The Civil War on Drugs has unleashed federal agents and hard-line police goons
(led, believe it or not, by a "czar") to harass libertarians, intelligent
hedonists,. and thirty million marijuana fans who
don't want the government telling them what to do with their minds.

Gorbachev was dismayed to find that many Soviet youth, given freedom of
the press, were more interested in UFOs, punk rock, astrology, and
hashish than in political issues.

The postpolitical information society, which we are now developing,
does not operate on the basis of obedience and conformity to dogma.
It is based on individual thinking, scientific know-how, quick exchange of facts (like this) around feedback networks,
high-tech ingenuity, and practical, front-line creativity.
The society of the future no longer grudgingly tolerates a few open-minded innovators.
The cybernetic society is totally dependent on a large pool of such people,
communicating at light speed with each other across state lines and national boundaries.

This much we know: The yuppies are a new breed. They're the first members of the electronic society.
They're the first crop of bewildered mutants climbing out of the muck of the industrial (late neolithic smokestack) age.
... These postwar kids were the first members of a new species,
Homo sapiens electronicus.

Who controls the screen controls the mind of the screen watcher.
The power-control struggles of the 1990s will occur on screens in the living rooms of individuals...
The manufacture and distribution of inexpensive communications appliances and software will be of enormous importance.
Just as the USSR and the U.S. controlled the world for forty years by distributing weapons to every compliant dictatorship,
now Japanese and Silicon Valley companies are liberating the world with an endless flood of electronic devices designed for individuals.

Any predictions about the future that the yuppies are currently creating must be based on the fact that
they are the first members of the information-communication culture. . . .
Intelligence is their ethos and their model.
They understand that the smart thing to do is to construct a peaceful, fair, just, compassionate social order.

Intellectual Viewpoint:
Humanist Quotient:
Cosmic View:
Cool, laid back.
Artistic, literate, hip. Interested in poetry, drugs, jazz.
Sarcastic, cynical.
Low-tech, but early psychedelic explorers.
Well-informed, skeptical, street-smart.
Tolerant of race and gay rights, but often male chauvinist.
Bohemian, anti-Establishment.
Romantic pessimism, Buddhist cosmology.
Intellectual Viewpoint:
Humanist Quotient:
Cosmic View:
Blissed out.
Earthy, horny, free-love oriented. Pot, LSD, acid rock.
Peaceful, idealistic.
Psychedelic, but anti-high-tech.
Know-it-all, anti-intellectual.
Male chauvinist, sometimes sexist, but socially tolerant and global village visionary.
Classless, irreverent, passivist, but occasionally activist.
Acceptance of chaotic nature of universe, but via Hindu passivity. Unscientific, occult minded, intuitive.
Intellectual Viewpoint:
Humanist Quotient:
Cosmic View:
Gloomy. Hip, but downbeat.
Leather and grunge, tattoos, piercings. Hard drugs, psychedelics, smart drugs. From rock to metal to rap.
Angry, cynical, feel undervalued by elders.
High-tech electronic.
Informed, open-minded, irreverent. Inundated with electronic signals.
Non-sexist, ecological, global minded.
Alienated, skeptical.
Pessimistic, but closet hope fiends.


Intellectual Viewpoint:
Humanist Quotient:
Cosmic View:
Alert, cheerful.
Invention of personal style. Eclectic. Prefer techno and ambient music.
Psychedelic, super high-tech. Smart drugs, brain machines, Internet.
Informed, open-minded, irreverent.
Tolerant, non-sexist, ecological, global.
Detached, individualistic. Zen opportunists.
Acceptance of complexity, willingness to be a "chaos designer."

The 21st Century will witness a new global culture, peopled by new breeds who honour human
individuality, human complexity, and human potential, enlightened immortals who communicate at light
speed and design the technologies for their scientific re-animation.

We are talking about learning how to operate our minds, our brains, our souls.

Number of (tribal) generations from cave-wall painting to
hand-writing and large-scale, public Egyptian art (3200 B.C.)?
---About 1,500.

Number of (feudal) generations from the pyramids to
Notre Dame Cathedral, oil painting, and book literacy?
---About 320.

Number of generations from first factory-printed book (the first home media)
to the radios, telephones, record players, movies of A.D. 1950?
---About 23.

Number of generations from passive, black-and-white television (1950)
to multichannel, multimedia, interactive digital home-screen design?

Based on Fear
Slow-steady or impulsive
Serious-solemn; worker
Arrogant or self-effacing
Tough-dangerous or meek-submissive
<--Emotional Attitude-->
Based on Scientific Optimism
Happy; playful
Self-confident; candid
Mind Programmed by Obedience
By the book
Conservative thinker
Pious, reverent to organized religion
Loyal, unquestioning patriot
<--Mental Skills-->
Mind Programmed by Self
Cheerfully irreverent to organized religion
Irreverent to organized politics
Passive Reality Consumer
Conforms to culture's life style
Conventionally moral & immoral
Avoids brain change; accepts cultural imprints
Passive electronic consumer

<--Neurological Reality-->

Electronic Reality Skills
Invents personal style
Operates own brain: psychedelic
Electronic communication skills: cybernetic
Deeply identified with own race, sex, age & nation
Believes nature should be dominated
Pessimistic about evolution
Order-control person
<--Philosophical Approach-->
Pluralistic Viewpoint
Humanist: respects all differences
Ecological: earth conscious
Optimistic about evolution
Chaos designer

The last two decades have just whetted humanity's eternal appetite for
technologies to activate and direct one's own brain function.
The drug movement has just began.

The use of drugs, which are brain-change instruments,
perfectly synchronized with home appliances like television, stereo players, and, later, computers.
Drugs that alter states of consciousness are naturally going to be an integral
part of an information-intelligence-knowledge society.

There are more alcohol-induced episodes of violence in one weekend these days than in the twenty years of psychedelic drug-taking....
Acid is probably the healthiest recreational pursuit ever devised by humans.
Jogging, tennis, and skiing are far more dangerous.
If you disagree, show me your statistics....
Now, more than ever before, we need to gear our brains to multiplicity, complexity, relativity, change.
Those who can handle acid will be able to deal more comfortably with what is to come....

--The religious answer is that since apocalypse is inevitable, the only thing to do is pray.
--The politicians assure us that the only thing to do is grab what you can and protect what you've got.
--The scientific answer is to increase intelligence, expand your consciousness, surf the waves of chaotic change planfully.

America, strangely enough, is becoming the global leader in developing new forms of
fascist repression: mind control via control of brain-change medications....
The original model of a "people's democracy" (or a third reich or a dictatorship of the proles)
was none other than the Republican party, USA.
In 1866, while the European powers were struggling out of feudalism,
our very own GOP produced the first, and most successful, fascist state.

It is no accident, obviously, that in the year 1988, the ruling caste in America,
the source nation of freedom and affluent consumerism,
decided that self-medication is the number-one enemy to be eradicated totally by
"final solutions" involving "zero-tolerance."

A Holy War on Vegetables was declared..... Children were applauded for turning in their parents.
Fill the prisons. Hang the peddlers. Urine tests for civilian workers.
When marijuana arrests reached five hundred thousand a year,
Nancy Reagan's Civil Warriors were far outstripping the Inquisition's witch-hunts.
And still no audible protests against this blatant fascism!
Why were the ACLU and the civil-rights movement so silent?
Where was Amnesty International? ...
Once again, we are reminded that the only solution to human problems are intelligent
thought and accurate, open communication.

I believe that just as we regard freedom of speech and religion as fundamental rights,
so should we regard freedom of self-medication as a fundamental right;
and that, instead of mendaciously opposing or mindlessly promoting illicit drugs,
we should, paraphrasing Voltaire, make this maxim our rule: I disapprove of what you take,
but I will defend to the death your right to take it.

The only catch is this.
With the Cold War over and the War on Drugs peacefully ended,
upon whom will the puritans wage their next Holy War?

With no one left, they look within. ----> 9-11

"These religious men are so threatened by women that they grab swords, flags, crosses,
guns, power, uniforms, anything that will make them feel adequate.
They make war because they're afraid to make love."

Under no circumstances should drug use by minors be
condoned; yet responsibility for their care and education
should be undertaken by family members, peers, and
honest educators—not by the government or the police, and
not with propaganda and hypocritical pieties.

At the same time, there has been, from the beginning,
a severe and moralistic Calvinist side to American culture . . .
Like fundamentalist Islam, the American puritans believe that people are divided
into the Select and the Damned, the chosen people and the satanic sinners.

For many people, cybersex—using the telephone or computer to arouse the brain
—is easier than running around like a horny robot,
pulling clothes off and on, jumping in and out of sacks with strangers.

Sexual arousal is all in the mind.
Sex means cheerfully giving up control to receive pleasure.
The less sex, the more compulsion to control.

Confessions were heard by bored or sex-tortured priests because it was their only erotic contact.
They obviously got off on it.
In a way we sinners were giving the good Fathers aural sex by kneeling there in the dark box,
whispering our sweet little dirty secrets into the warm, open, trembling ear of the priest.

Throughout the ages, intelligent, affluent, ambitious, and just plain horny human beings
have continually sought the alchemical grail—the true aphrodisiac.

This mad Englishman, Michael Hollingshead, had a typical prank. . . .
he would solemnly tell everyone that there was a mysterious cave
or tunnel under the castle where you could confront "the wisest person in the world."
...> With dilated eyes and spinning heads, people would follow him down into the basement,
which was kind of old and dark.
And then, . . . he'd lead you down into a tunnel where you'd have to start crawling
under the foundation of the house, holding your candle. . . .
then suddenly come around a corner where the mischievous prankster Hollingshead had put a mirror!
That was the ultimate confrontation with the wisest person in the world!

If we are to stay free, we must see to it that the right to own digital
data processors becomes as inalienable as the constitutional
guarantees of free speech and a free press.

Mind Mirror is a DOS program made by Timothy Leary

Once again, in the struggle for liberty, the motto becomes:

"We are mutating into another species—from Aquaria to the Terrarium, and now we're moving into Cyberia.
We are creatures crawling to the center of the cybernetic world. But cybernetics are the stuff of which the world is made.
Matter is simply frozen information. . . .
The critics of the information age see everything in the negative, as if the quantity of information can lead to a loss of meaning.
They said the same thing about Gutenberg. . . . Never before has the individual been so empowered.
But in the information age you do have to get the signals out. Popularization means making it available to the people.
Today the role of the philosopher is to personalize, popularize, and humanize computer ideas so that people can feel comfortable with them. . . .
The fact is that a few of us saw what was happening and we wrestled the power of LSD away from the CIA,
and now the power of computers away from IBM, just as we rescued psychology away from the doctors and analysts.
In every generation I've been part of a group of people who, like Prometheus,
have wrestled with the power in order to hand it back to the individual."

So now that you have it all figured out, did lots of drugs, but still can't get peace, seek God.